Getting Married in Newfoundland and Moving to Kelowna BC

Things To Know About Getting Married In Newfoundland And Moving To Kelowna Starting a family is everybody’s dream. For that to happen, getting married and moving into a dream home is very key. However, deciding where to get married or live is always a challenge for many couples.

This article will share some important information for the couples who want to get married in Newfoundland and live in Kelowna BC.

Where To Get Married In Newfoundland

1. Doctor’s House Inn And Spa
If you are looking for a chic and cozy wedding in Newfoundland, this is one of the best places to hold it. It has a capacity of 170 guests, and a Tudor-style mansion builds on a 100-acre land. Aside from the heavy-wood décor all around it, you will have a fantastic forest and waterfront view.

2. Fugo Island Inn
Located on the most eastern edge of the island, the inn offers you and your guests one of the most beautiful waterfront views as you celebrate your best day. It is perfect for an intimate wedding, as it has a capacity of 70 guests.

3. Sheraton Hotel
This hotel has more than you need to make your wedding perfect. It has function spaces, restaurants, and accommodation. It has a capacity of 600 guests and a beautiful indoor garden to give you the fresh air and a beautiful view.

4. Rocket Room
The rocket room has a space that can accommodate up to 130 guests. Space has exposed brick walls with concrete and metal accents, making it one of the most beautiful places.

Is Kelowna A Good Place To Live?

Kelowna is known to be one of the best vacation destinations in Canada. It is also a very good place to live all around the year. Its population over the last ten years has grown significantly, showing how conducive it is.

During the summer, living in Kelowna feels like extending a vacation. It is also a good place to remain fit due to its long paths and many valleys to jog in. There are also schools for your children to attend.

Is It Safe To Live In Kelowna?

Kelowna is not known to have crimes like identity theft, homicide, assault, or robbery. However, there has been a concern over the past few years about the possession of illicit substances among the residents.

In Canada, it was ranked first in possession of heroin and ecstasy in 2016 and third in possession of cannabis and cocaine.

Best Area Of Kelowna To Live In

Upper Mission Kelowna Homes is one of the greatest neighborhoods to live in. It is a family-friendly neighborhood and has the most serene and beautiful views from the houses. There are amenities like restaurants, shops, and coffee shops around.

It is also close to Kelowna’s best beaches since it is above Okanagan Lake and is surrounded by some of the best schools.

What Is Kelowna Known For?

There are many reasons why many people know Kelowna and consider living there. Things that make it stand out are:

• The great weather all year round.
• Numerous outdoor activities.
• Magnificent vineyards and wineries.
• House affordability.
• Friendly people and good culture.
• Good schools.
• Amazing views.

If you consider getting married in Newfoundland and moving to Kelowna, the distance between the two places is 4,157 km.